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Bill Morrissey

Thirty Things You Never Knew about Bill Morrissey

Here is an interview with Bill Morrissey, unlike any other interview you’ve ever read before. Bill and I decided to have some fun and do a teen magazine type interview so I took this task seriously and actually researched original magazines from back in the day and came up with this weird assortment of questions. No, we have not lost our minds. This was fun so take it for what it is!

In the meantime, check out Bill’s splendid website:
There are all kinds of juicy and very groovy tidbits for you to peruse and to whet your appetite for his show at the me&thee on February 13. Check out this vintage video of Bill singing “Closed Down Mill.” Isn’t that David Johansen from the New York Dolls (aka Buster Poindexter) making a cameo appearance?

1. What is your full real name? (pseudonyms welcome)
William Thomas Morrissey II (one step below Loudon Wainwright)
2. Where were you born? (feel free to lie)
I was born in Hartford CT and I interrupted a Thanksgiving dinner. My parents were from Boston and they went down to Hartford for the holiday and they never forgave me for arriving during the meal.
3. Where do you live? (longitude and latitude is acceptable)
I live in the Mt. Washington Valley in New Hampshire.
4. What kind of car would you like to have? (all the groovy details, please!)
I have a Toyota RAV 4 and wouldn’t trade it for the world. It’s the perfect size for me. Great mileage too. It’s like it was custom designed. My guitar fits in perfectly.
5. Do you have any pets? (I heard your dog on the phone today so don’t tell me you have a pet rhino or something)
Molly . . . she’s a purebred Cajun terrier. (I invented that name.) She is a Katrina refugee from the Humane Society in New Orleans. She’s a babe magnet and a killer harmonica player.
6. What kind of music do you like the most? (add ten points if you don’t respond with the F word)
Jazz. Pre-Bitches Brew jazz.
7. What do you do in your spare time? (How do you waste your time?)
I golf, fly fish and paint. I started school as an art major and it is a serious activity but takes second place to writing.
8. Would you like to get married? (again!)
Yes and I am monogamous by nature.
9. What kind of girl do you want to marry? (hey, you asked me to ask these questions!)
Someone with a great sense of humor, big breasts, and a bigger bank account.
10. What three tips would you give to a girl who wanted you to like her? (Are all your fans going to think you’re insane for taking part in this interview?)
Intelligence, wit, and a sense of irony. Beauty is the fourth.
11. What would you do if you suddenly came into a million-dollar inheritance? (Please tip the interviewer generously.)
I would go to Vegas and play the Roulette wheel and put it all on red.
12. Of all the places you’ve been in America, which one would you like to go back to? (Your story about touring Alaska in February was pretty impressive.)
I kind of miss Wasilla, Alaska — I’ve been pining for Sarah Palin since I was there.
13. What was the biggest thrill of your life? (We sure hope this interview is up there on your list of thrills)
The biggest thrill was 1985 and playing the Newport Folk Festival. I had been there as a music fan as a teenager and making the shift to the other side of the fence was amazing. The most terrorizing time was a show at Carnegie Hall with Tom Rush when I forgot the first line of “Barstow.” Walked out to center stage and I had no idea what the first line of my first song was . . . fortunately, after the four bar intro, the lines came.
14. Of all the other performers you’ve worked with, who do you admire most? (You can be serious with this one, Bill.)
That’s a hard one. . . .
15. What do you dislike about your work? (Be honest!)
I’m always dissatisfied with it. Sometimes I don’t think I haven’t pushed an idea far enough to get the point across. Expo-facto editing.!
16. If you could take a vacation, where in the entire world would you go? (The sky is the limit!)
Paris or Ireland. I’d have to toss a coin.
17. What kind of clothing do you like to wear when you’re not performing? (Would I be presumptuous if I said that your on stage and off stage clothing is probably one and the same?)
You got that right. I am who I am on stage and off.
18. What kind of clothes do you like to see girls wear? (Keep it clean . . . this is a family e-publication.)
I don’t know if I can answer that. I really appreciate a woman’s curves and there are ways that women can look very feminine that I like.
19. What is your most prized material possession? (ditto)
My 1966 Epiphone Texan which was made by Gibson. They haven’t been made since 1969. It’s an interesting instrument with a unique sound.
20. When you give presents to a girl, what do you usually pick? (And I’ll expect a dozen of them pronto!)
I would say flowers but not roses the first time. Women appreciate flowers and you don’t have to worry about what size is right.
21. What are your favorite TV shows? (besides the Red Sox)
I only have NBC and ABC. I love the Daily Show and The Colbert Report.
22. How would you describe your personality? (nothing but superlatives!)
It’s kind of two-faced. I like to make people laugh when I’m out in public but when I’m at home, I’m thinking about serious stuff, especially my writing. I don’t joke around when I’m writing.
23. Do you have a nickname? How did you get it? (remember what I said about keeping it clean!)
No, I don’t. Billy is about as wild as it gets.
24. If you were stranded on a desert island, what three things would you wish for? (or if you were stranded in your own house, whatever does it for you!)
My dog, a clarinet, and a guitar.
25. What are you afraid of? (besides being asked what you’re afraid of)
Republicans getting too much power.
26. If you weren’t in show business, what would you have done? (A serious answer here would be nice!)
I love music so much . . . I would probably be a disk jockey although now that’s kind of a screwed up job these days.
27. What advice would you give someone who wants to go into show business? (okay, you be serious about this one, if you want!)
Marry money.
28. What do you like to do on a date?
Going out to a quiet restaurant and having dinner and great conversation and just having fun.
29. What is your favorite, color, flowers, food?
Color: grey
Food: Mexican — anything that is hot
Flower: Black Eyed Susan
30. What are your plans for the future? (beyond showing up in Marblehead for your gig at the me&thee!)
I like what I’m doing. I’m in the middle of writing my memoirs and I’ve got many stories to tell. Edson is being reprinted in French and will be touring in France. I just want to write a better song and a better sentence in my future.

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