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  • This week’s podcast with Kathy Sands Boehmer


    Marblehead Reporter arts editor Mary Reines talks music with the Me&Thee’s booking manager, Kathy Sands Boehmer.

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  • And now, a few words from our founder


    James Maroney introduces us to Anthony Silva, founder of the Me&Thee Coffeehouse and retired news anchor from WBZ NewsRadio 1030. Listen to what Anthony loves about Marblehead on You Gotta Love Marblehead!

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  • Sharon Goldman at the Me&Thee Sep 8, 2017


    Sharon Goldman has blossomed into one of the most unique voices in today’s singer-songwriter scene. Her gentle, yet powerful, presence brings the listener into her world and perhaps into a brand new world of their own. Music is such an exciting way to learn and appreciate different perspectives and Sharon’s music exposes us to a wide and wonderful world of bold and beautiful ideas.

    Learn more about Sharon here. Here’s a video of Sharon singing the title song from her latest recording.

    Sharon will be participating in “Steady On: Celebrating Lilith Fair at 20” along with Sloan Wainwright, Lara Herscovitch, and Amy Soucy on Septenber 8 at the me&thee coffeehouse in Marblehead, Mass.

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  • What the Beatles Mean to Bird Mancini at the Me&Thee May 20, 2017


    Bird Mancini is a power duo/band which encompasses husband and wife Billy Carl Mancini and Ruby Bird. They have an innovative style and play riveting guitar, accordion, harmonica and melodica and blend their voices together as delicious as a fruit smoothie. This Boston-based group can be found in clubs all over town and can be heard singing their original songs as well as some great Beatles songs, often with their good friend, T Max.

    To learn more about Bird Mancini, check out their website. Here’s a video of Bird Mancini singing George Harrison’s “Apple Scruffs” with T Max.

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  • Jeremy Todd at the Me&Thee May 20, 2017


    Jeremy Todd is a first-grader at the Glover School in Marblehead. He may only be seven years old but he’s had a long-standing love affair with the Beatles. His mother, Caroline Todd, recently interviewed Jeremy for us. Caroline teaches at the Veteran’s School in Marblehead.

    Jeremy has attended many of the “All You Need is Love” shows at the me&thee coffeehouse in Marblehead and this will be his first appearance there. This year’s show takes place on Saturday, May 20, 2017. Some of the proceeds from this and other me&thee shows go to sending musicians into local schools for concerts and workshops.

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  • Irish Mythen at the Me&Thee May 12, 2017


    Irish Mythen is a force of nature as they say. Her stage show is more powerful than a tsunami or an earth­quake rock­ing the seismo­graph at 10. Her voice. Her wit. Her charm. Her songs. They all deliver. Discover and support her music.

    To learn more about Irish Mythen, visit her website. Here’s a taste of Irish at a huge festival “down under.”

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  • Brooks Williams at the Me&Thee Apr 28, 2017


    Brooks Williams is one of the most consistently good musicians on the planet. If you’ve ever attended one of his shows, you’ll not only enjoy every song but you’ll learn a lot about the history of the blues. Brooks engages the audience with his charming and interesting stories about the blues legends and talks about how much of an influence they had on his guitar playing and his songwriting. Brooks grew up in Georgia but soon became a staple in the greater Boston folk/​blues scene; he’s gone on to tour the world and resides in Cambridge now … the other Cambridge … in England.

    To learn more about Brooks, check out his website. Here’s a taste of Brooks playing his song “Darkness” at Blue Rock Studios in Texas.

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