5 October 2018

Twisted Pine

Quentin Callewaert opens

Twisted Pine has taken the world of contemporary string music by storm and have quickly become one of the most acclaimed young bands in the Northeast. Audiences across the US and UK have been drawn to their forthright songwriting, lush harmonies, musical daring, and “charismatic appeal,” to quote Grammy-award winner Allison Brown. ¶ Extraordinary young guitarist Quentin Callewaert opens the show.

Concert starts at 8:00 pm

Twisted Pine

Twisted Pine grew out of a love of traditional bluegrass origins, but as the quartet played together more often, they discovered that they could craft a new sound. It’s a sound that is unique and infectious and without limits. The have moved beyond the standard verse-chorus-solo structure of traditional string bands. They have developed a multi-layered music that brings together pop hooks of indie music to an acoustic instrumental setting. The band is comprised of guitarist Rachel Sumner, fiddler Kathleen Parks, mandolinist Dan Bui, and bassist Chris Sartori. All four create memorable and magical music.

Their latest recording, Dreams, is compiled of a collection of cover songs which the band has completely made their own. They play a haunting version of “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” with truly beautiful vocals and stellar violin power. Their version of Joni Mitchell’s “Raised on Robbery” is a fun romp which reinvents the original with zest and originality. Glide magazine says “Some of the material is all but unrecognizable unless one leans in and listens, but even then, the group’s giddy approach tends to dominate in ways that ensure these tunes become their own.”

Twisted Pine’s debut album made an impact immediately upon release. NPR became early fans and featured the lead track, “Hold on Me” from their self-titled album. NPR reports that that song “displays everything that is wonderful about Twisted Pine: an upbeat poppy vibe; energetic, driving rhythms; virtuosic solos; tight harmonies. This is definitely a band to watch!”

  • [Twisted Pine’s] live show is already legendary for the band’s unbridled and contagious energy. Jim Olson, president of Signature Sounds
  • I wish there were more bands like this. There probably are, I’m thinking, but these guys do it better than most. On my list to see live. At the top, in fact. No Depression