28 September 2018

$22 / $25 at door
Student Tickets $10

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John Davidson

Amanda Maffei opens


Concert starts at 8:00 pm.

John Davidson

Lisa Vollmer photography

  • So wait a second: John Davidson – the Hollywood Squares host and the incurably wholesome crooner on too many variety shows to completely avoid – is far better now as an actor than he ever was as a TV personality or a singer??!? Capable of savagery and raw power? Watching the Charlotte premiere of Finding Neverland at Belk Theater earlier this week turned my long-held convictions upside-down. Broadway World
  • Sometimes you get the feeling he is singing specifically to you and this uplifting style lends to an interaction between artist and audience lacking in many other current concerts. John has a theatrical voice and he sings convincingly and passionately. A real 21st century troubadour in every sense of the word. The Noise
  • John Davidson, a veteran of stage and television, provides a comical and steady presence. I love his performance. This part(s) takes a special type to enjoy themselves on stage and create a “villain” that you enjoy and love anyway. Rogers Revue
  • Davidson is a one-man entertainment juggernaut — singer, game show host, talk show host, and actor on stage and in TV and film. Greenville News