19 October 2018

Jim Trick

The Promise is Hope open

Jim Trick has quickly become a favorite at the me&thee. His music and messages continue to inspire audiences wherever he plays. His eloquent way with lyrics and his precise fingerpicking on his guitar make for a delightful evening. Jim brings people into his world in an engaging and fun-filled way. ¶ The Promise is Hope open the show.

Concert starts at 8:00 pm

Jim Trick

Jim Trick is a Massachusetts-based singer-songwriter who combines carefully crafted lyrics with acoustic guitar instrumentation featuring percussive, intricate and ethereal ranges to create a powerful music experience. He cites Neil Finn, Bruce Cockburn, John Gorka and Charles Bukowski as influences. An engaging and entertaining performer, Trick connects with audiences through his music, words and real-life perspective.

As a touring member of Banding People Together, Jim travels throughout the U.S. and beyond using music and behavioral science to help companies create collaborative strategies and improve leadership. He is also a frequent speaker at Boston’s Berklee College of Music. A venue promoter had this say about Jim after his show: “Jim has a gift of bringing a room together when he performs. His positive energy and captivating music engages the audience!”

Jim has had the pleasure of opening for fellow artists like Ellis Paul, Susan Werner, Vance Gilbert, and Martyn Joseph as well as playing clubs and festivals throughout the Northeast. Jim and co-author Brant Menswar collaborated on a book called Rock ’n’ Roll with It which offers a unique approach to creating and accepting powerful and lasting change in your life. Jim’s newest songs are jaw-droppingly personal and inspirational, conveying the core of his being as a songwriter, storyteller, and life coach.

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The Promise is Hope

The Promise is Hope blend the musicality of Ashley and Eric L’Esperance — a serious match made in heaven. They met at an impromptu song swap, married a year and a half later and released their debut album, Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going. In the years following this release, the Promise is Hope has earned their place among New England’s finest emerging acts with a live performance that is often described as beautifully moving, inspired, and connected. These two talented songwriters have a sound that combines folk, acoustic and pop, and their intertwined voices weave magical harmonies. Their latest CD, Every Seed Must Die, is a stunning collection of tracks that are a testament to the trials of the human spirit.

  • [Jim Trick’s] gentle and authentic stage presence combined with awesome songwriting make for a delightful show. No Depression Magazine
  • Jim has a real gift of bringing a room together when he performs.  His positive energy and captivating music engages the audience!. His music carries a universal flow of emotions and experience that we can all identify with. Anya Zakiewicz, Simple Gifts Coffeehouse, Nashua, NH
  • I am drawn in by Jim’s emotional and handsome voice—he sounds a lot like Lyle Lovett and looks a bit like Elvis Costello! The arrangements are beautiful, the lyrics are original, and the songs have a flying feeling. It has a soft, country/rock sound, likeable melodies and hooks, and an expansive feeling of love. The Noise
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  • The Promise is Hope:
  • It is folk music, but folk that doesn’t find any quick or easy comparisons. Instead, it might be said that the L’Esperance’s have found their unique path within the storied tradition. Pop Matters
  • I am awestruck with the harmonies that Ashley and Eric L’Esperance are able to blend and spin together. Truly beautiful and moving. Red Line Roots