15 February 2019

James Keelaghan

Sophie Buskin opens

James Keelaghan has been called Canada’s finest singer-songwriter; he is truly a man for all seasons since he is not only an esteemed writer of songs but is an unparalleled storyteller as well. Keelaghan has been touring the folk and roots music circuit for three decades and has performed at theaters, music clubs and coffeehouses as well as national and international festivals. ¶ Sophie Buskin opens the show.

Concert starts at 8:00 pm

James Keelaghan

James Keelaghan creates his songs with brilliantly defined craftsmanship infused with his own unique artistic vision. He is, without doubt, one of the most distinctive and readily identifiable voices of not only the Canadian scene, but as a member of the international singer-songwriter community. His songs have enlightened and enthralled and have been embraced by audiences around the world. Keelaghan’s life as an artist is one that is a never-ending journey on so many levels. Music fans have marveled at his stories and songs that are deeply entrenched with history as well as the emotional trails of human relations. His masterful storytelling over the course of many albums has been the bedrock of his success, earning Keelaghan his share of nominations and awards, and acclaim from Australia to Scandinavia.

Keelaghan is a Calgary, Alberta native but calls Winnipeg, Manitoba home now. He says “There are different sides of what I write about. The narrative writing, the historical material, as well as the personal, where you have to take the responsibility for what you are saying…” Keelaghan has a love for language and history and makes an immediate connection with audiences in a live setting; he has an ear for melodies and harmonies that are memorable. It was Dave Marsh, the award-winning American music critic and historian, who not so long ago stated that James Keelaghan is Canada’s finest songwriter,” and those few but powerful words of praise say it all about an artist who continues to set the bar high.

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Sophie Buskin

Brooklyn-based songwriter Sophie Buskin is the daughter of two musicians. She’s been singing professionally since the age of four. Aside from an extensive jingle and ad background, she has supported legendary artists like Paul Shaffer, Jewel, Mason Jennings, and Buskin & Batteau. Her new sing-song CD, Sweet Creature, is first-rate. It brings the listener on a journey through the pangs of love, loss and the grappling to understand the impermanence of it all, but pushing towards renewal. She closed the CD with a loving nod to her father, David Buskin, with “When I Need You Most of All.”

  • James Keelaghan:
    Canada’s finest songwriter Dave Marsh, music critic, author, editor and radio talk show host
  • If you like modern folk, this is as good as it comes. Frank Gutch Jr. Acousticmusic.com
  • Keelaghan’s masterful storytelling transports the listener across time, borders, and cultures. Rob Weir Singout! Magazine
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  • [Sophie Buskin] opened her set with “Sweet Creature.” It was as if, from the viewpoint of this 76-year-old author, I was watching a child paint a masterpiece. She reminded me of Suzanne Vega. The lyrics were so wise, laced with sly humor, and the melody was so different and surprising. She sang: You should stay here tonight / You’re much too handsome to drive / And as much as you’re killing me, sweet creature / you know how to make me feel alive . . . There’s a space between the unsaid and the unseen / between old and young / between the two of us / I will meet you there / because sweet creature I could never bear to leave you. . . . I was stunned. Richard Cuccaro, Acoustic Live
  • Her first cd as a songwriter [is] musically exceptional . . . produced by Steve Jagoda and Neale Eckstein at Fox Run Studios, it is impeccably recorded with an intimate-setting feel that begs one to stop and listen. Her voice is pure and unadulterated, with a vulnerable quality that juxtaposes her way-beyond-her-years lyrics. She brings the listener on a journey through the pangs of love, loss and the grappling to understand the impermanence of it all, still with an underlying push towards renewal. She closes the CD with a loving nod to her father, David Buskin, with “When I Need You Most Of All.” Order it, get out and go to a show, just get it. This is one not to miss. Judy Cangialosi