15 March 2019

$20 / $23 at door
Student Tickets $10

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David Mallett

Marina Evans opens


Concert starts at 8:00 pm

David Mallett


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Marina Evans

Photo by Roberts Orlando

  • David Mallett is the best folk singer alive in America today. Dan McCullough, Cape Cod Times
  • Mallett is a first rate folk singer and writer. His portraits and townscapes are camera sharp, and his knowledge of his subjects is profound. Ed Morris, Billboard
  • When I returned to my appreciation of folk music some ten years ago, it was an intense performance by Dave Mallett at the New Harmony series that convinced me what a single human with an acoustic guitar could do. I haven’t been the same since. Ed McKeon, New Britain Herald
  • Folk poet Dave Mallett continues to write thoughtful, potent songs about changing America — small town Main Street, relationships disintegrated or strengthened by distance and fast-moving times, the vast chasm between this nation’s poverty and wealth. Allana Nash, Stereo Review
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  • I love that artists like Marina Evans use their talents to share a message that will help to promote, shape and inspire listeners to create social change. This message about the dark days of our past helps us to prepare for the future. Libro Musica
  • She creates as much dramatic feeling as two gunslingers approaching each other with hands over holsters. Bill Copeland Music News