13 October 2017

Rebecca Loebe & Brian Dunne

On Friday, October 13, the me&thee coffeehouse presents an outstanding double bill with two stunning singer-songwriters. Both Rebecca Loebe and Brian Dunne are returning due to popular demand. Their energizing and charming stage presence as well as their memorable songs have captivated the audiences each time they played in Marblehead.

Concert starts at 8:00 pm

Rebecca Loebe

Atlanta born and Austin resident, Rebecca Loebe is an award-winning singer/songwriter who is both candid and self-deprecating — attributes that shine through in her songwriting and laugh-out-loud storytelling.

Since quitting her job as a full-time recording studio engineer, she has performed an average of 150 shows per year in listening rooms, festivals and theaters in over 44 states of the US and in Canada, Europe and Japan. A couple of years back she took a break from the road to appear as a contestant on Season 1 of NBC’s The Voice, with a performance of Nirvana’s “Come As You Are” that inspired Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine to offer her mentorship and charted on iTunes worldwide.

Rebecca’s latest CD, (her fourth), Blink, is a collection of original songs equally inspired by soul, folk, and southern rock as well as remembrances of songs she included on mix tapes during high school.

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Brian Dunne

Raised in New York, folk singer/​songwriter Brian Dunne has won the attention and praise of many. With his sharp lyrical prowess and country-influenced vocals, Brian has played in the U.S. folk scene far and wide. Citing influences such as Bob Dylan, The Band, and Bruce Springsteen, one can hear his roots winding through the sound and style of his songwriting and performing. After graduating from the Berklee College of Music in 2011, Brian moved to Brooklyn where he currently resides.

Following up 2012’s The Brooklyn Bridge EP, which received critical and popular acclaim , Brian released his first full length record, Songs From The Hive, in 2015. This year Brian added to his discography with Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements. Brian says of the record “It’s about the devotion to maintaining your idealism as the world makes you more cynical. It’s about putting your chips back on the table after you’ve suffered a big loss. And if you have to lose again, lose in a big way!”

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  • Dynamic, amusing, informative and memorable — that’s Rebecca Loebe Live. No Depression
  • She is known for her distinct voice, well-crafted songs and ability to bring an audience to her journeys, introducing them to the characters she meets and observations she makes as she travels.  Live Music News and Review
  • The wit of Dar, the bite of Ani, and the beauty of Norah – it was a treat seeing you perform last night!
  ADAM KUKIC (WYEP Pittsburgh)
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  • Brian Dunne:
  • His schooling is firmly grounded in Hank Williams, Neil Young, and Ryan Adams. And as you would expect from an artist whose sound takes in such references, his debut record Songs From The Hive is a record of folky Americana and heartbreaking country. Songwriting Magazine
  • A pure, expressive voice and a fondness for lonesome steel guitar CMT Edge