1 March 2019

$25 / $28 at door
Student Tickets $10

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Don White & Christine Lavin

Concert starts at 8:00 pm

  • Christine Lavin and Don White are a great team. It’s not easy to find artists who can do a set of really articulate, really funny material like this complete with the tween banter. I know, I look for it every year, and there’s not much of it out there that is not just plain offensive. To have that as well as the versatility to do a fine set on so many other topics is a rare thing. I salute you both, hope to come see you again in the near future. Anne Saunders, Artistic Director, Falcon Ridge Folk Festival
  • As you watch Christine and Don, you tend to feel like you’re making a friend, rather than admiring some distant star. I can assure you that is no illusion. Don and Christine are very much what they appear to be on stage: genuinely goodhearted people who use their abundant talents to show us how much we have in common, as we all bumble and stumble through our own day-to-days. Christine and Don, on the other hand, are both masters of the shared laugh. They turn their keen comical eyes on the foibles and pitfalls we all share. Where did I put my glasses this time? Why doesn’t my daughter think I’m cool anymore? Scott Alarik, Folk music writer, The Boston Globe, Sing Out, NPR
Author, Deep Community: Adventures in the Modern Folk Underground
  • Two of the funniest entertainers on today’s music scene. The Boston Globe