1 March 2019

$25 / $28 at door
Student Tickets $10

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Don White & Christine Lavin

An evening with Don White and Christine Lavin is cause for celebration. They have toured all over North America in a show called “The Funny Side of the Street” for over eight years. They are both back to pursuing solo endeavors these days and this show on Friday, March 1 at the me&thee is one of only two co-bills planned for 2019.

Concert starts at 8:00 pm

Christine Lavin and Don White

There is no one-word description for what Don White does. He has survived and thrived for over twenty-five years, bringing his audiences to laughter and tears in his live performances, studio recordings and on the printed page. He is a storyteller-comedian-author-troubadour-folk singer-songwriter. Don’s approach to music is a weird, unique blend. He has invented his own genre with a mix of humor and powerful songwriting. White’s arc as a writer and performer has taken him from his blue-collar upbringing in Lynn, Mass. across the country from comedy clubs to coffeehouses and festivals.

Christine Lavin doesn’t fit into an ordinary mold either. Based out of New York City, she has released a couple dozen albums and has tickled the funny bones of thousands of people and has, likewise, touched their hearts with poignant songs about everyday occurrences that resonate. According to a music journalist for the Davison Index, “Christine Lavin is an iconic singer-songwriter who has earned her legendary status through years of tireless performing, doing shows at once, quirky, hilarious and touching. Her songs have a wordsmith’s eye for detail, with a comic’s vision for the absurd, and a huge and fearless heart that will go anywhere.”

Christine doesn’t let any grass grow under her feet; she’s got an uncanny knack for tapping into ways to engage with fans. She’s had knitting circles, fingernail painting and Downton Abbey cloth napkin folding events that are held during intermissions at her shows.

As noted music critic and author, Scott Alarik says “…when Christine Lavin and Don White make us laugh, there is always a warm shimmer of community beneath the silliness. Of all the gifts great entertainers can bring to the stage, I think this is perhaps the rarest and most valuable. Many can dazzle us; but only the very, very best can befriend us, and remind us that, in the end, we are al wary acrobats in the great human circus.”

  • Christine Lavin and Don White are a great team. It’s not easy to find artists who can do a set of really articulate, really funny material like this complete with the tween banter. I know, I look for it every year, and there’s not much of it out there that is not just plain offensive. To have that as well as the versatility to do a fine set on so many other topics is a rare thing. I salute you both, hope to come see you again in the near future. Anne Saunders, Artistic Director, Falcon Ridge Folk Festival
  • As you watch Christine and Don, you tend to feel like you’re making a friend, rather than admiring some distant star. I can assure you that is no illusion. Don and Christine are very much what they appear to be on stage: genuinely goodhearted people who use their abundant talents to show us how much we have in common, as we all bumble and stumble through our own day-to-days. Christine and Don, on the other hand, are both masters of the shared laugh. They turn their keen comical eyes on the foibles and pitfalls we all share. Where did I put my glasses this time? Why doesn’t my daughter think I’m cool anymore? Scott Alarik, Folk music writer, The Boston Globe, Sing Out, NPR
Author, Deep Community: Adventures in the Modern Folk Underground
  • Two of the funniest entertainers on today’s music scene. The Boston Globe