27 April 2018

An Evening with Cheryl Wheeler

Rachel Marie opens

The me & thee coffeehouse is thrilled to welcome back one of its very favorite musicians, Cheryl Wheeler. Not only is Cheryl one of the best songwriters of our generation but she is perhaps one of the funniest people you’ll ever hear on stage. ¶ Rachel Marie makes her me&thee debut as the opener for the show.

Concert starts at 8:00 pm

Cheryl Wheeler

Cheryl Wheeler, called a “curmudgeon” by many critics, says that “I recognize that there is a certain irascible quality about me.” Wheeler’s music speaks to everybody’s twin selves: the good and the bad. The sensitive and the ugly. The warm and the cutting. Cheryl’s lyrics speak to both sides. Audiences appreciate both the lovely sentimentality of her lyrics as well as her hilariously biting songs. She has to be seen to be appreciated. Her sense of humor coupled with her sensitive lyrics makes for a memorable evening of music.

Cheryl is a gifted and openhearted songwriter. Her faith in the audience’s ability to find their own life reflected in the sweet spaces of her songs reveals an artist comfortably wearing the unmitigated genius that defines folk music’s best traditions. Cheryl proves to be a poet and a comic. After moving to New England in 1976 she became a mainstay in the acoustic scene and one of the biggest draws on the folk-music scene. Wheeler’s latest album, Greetings from Cheryl Wheeler: Live is a collection of fan favorites recorded in concert. It gives a real taste for the variety of songs that Cheryl performs.

Photograph by Cathleen Joyce

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Rachel Marie

Rachel Marie is a cunning wordsmith and is precociously sophisticated — which makes her the perfect opener for Cheryl Wheeler. She possesses clear and mature vocals and her lyrics are relevant and relatable. Rachel fits the bill of a singer-songwriter who is socially conscious but also has just the right amount of snark.

  • Cheryl Wheeler possesses one of the most gorgeous voices of anyone in the folk, or any, genre. With an unbelievable range, her tone is so rich and expressive there is almost no lyric she cannot make interesting. Add her skill as a songwriter and you have one of the most talented folk musicians of the last 30 years. Elmore Magazine
  • Rare artist . . . strong poetry, complex melodies, clever wit. Sing Out!
  • From the ridiculous to the sublime, Cheryl Wheeler really knows how to write and perform a love song, as well as its alter-ego, the breaking-up or lost-love song. Driftwood Magazine
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  • Rachel Marie’s music is refreshing, poetic, and pointed. Often powerful, her songs also reveal an underlying sense of humor and an insightful perspective through both lyrics and melody. In a live setting, her passion for performance shines through. Rachel connects with her listeners through a magically complementary mix of music and message. Her album There is Love is a terrific collection of songs: all well worth a listen or three. Nick Noble, host of THEFOLKREVIVAL on WICN (Worcester Public Radio)
  • Rachel’s stories and finger style guitar playing create song-scapes rather than just your average tune. Melody and harmony are prevalent, but the experience is what you go home with. Add in a brilliantly woven, genuine and sometimes silly banter and Rachel’s unique show will stay with you a long time. Tom Bianchi, 24 Hour Music, LLC