6 April 2018

Bill Staines

Jane Fallon opens

On Friday, April 6 Bill Staines returns for his annual show at the me&thee coffeehouse. Bill continues to perform more than 175 shows a year and drives close to 70,000 miles getting to them. He is one of the most durable and beloved singers on the folk music scene today. ¶ Jane Ross Fallon opens the show

Concert starts at 8:00 pm

Bill Staines

Bill Staines has twenty-six recordings to his credit and has written over three hundred songs, many of which have been recorded by the likes of Peter, Paul, and Mary, Makem and Clancy, Nanci Griffith, Glen Yarborough, and Jerry Jeff Walker. His music is sung at campfires and folk music gatherings, in homes and churches, all around the country. Songs like “All God’s Critters,” “The Roseville Fair,” “Child of Mine,” and “River” have become folk music classics. Composer David Amram once described Bill as “a modern day Stephen Foster. His music will be around a hundred years from now.”

On stage, Staines is an intimate, compelling performer, out of the folk scene of the 60’s, encouraging his audience to sing with him on his chorus songs. He will mix in traditional tunes with his own contemporary folk ballads. His humorous tales of life on the road and observations of everyday people provide an entertaining blend of story and song. “I have always wanted to bring something of value to people with my songs. I think it’s important to try to write beyond myself, to write to the great things that we all experience in our lives.” For Bill, that is what folk music is all about — a music rich in the human experience and spirit.

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Jane Fallon

New Hampshire musician Jane Ross Fallon brings a plethora of award winning songs to the me&thee. She was raised on traditional country, Appalachian folk, and gospel, and trained in classical and jazz. Her own songs cover a wide variety of topics with a contemporary flair that incorporates those influences of pop, folk, swing, and country. Her literary background and ear for the music of words leave her music tight and well-constructed.

Musicians at all levels have benefited from Jane’s expertise in songwriting: she has written a book called Beyond Reason: Songwriting on Purpose. The combination of Jane’s cultural experiences guarantees subject matter that might range from a tribute to her cowboy-hatted dad to an anthem for women affected by the AIDS epidemic in Africa. Jane conveys important and interesting messages to all audiences.

  • Any new song that can live comfortably besides the well-worn songs of folk tradition has a good chance of surviving the test of time. Such, we believe, are the songs of Bill Staines. Charles Sandy Paton, Folk Legacy Records
  • Staines is one of the best songwriters in folk music today, penning lyrics that evoke a sense of place and a generous spirit to go along with his pretty melodies. Associated Press
  • He is a poet with insight about a world that many of us let pass by. He is a storyteller with a gift for transporting the listener into the body of his songs. The Record Roundup
  • A craftsman who has cobbled together evocative details, pithy aphorisms and singalong melodies into a trunkful of unassuming, marvelous songs. The Washington Post
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  • Jane Fallon has the voice of an angel. I mean it. This gal can sing. . . soothing , beautiful and sweet. . . She’s mesmerizing, methodical, and musical. Metronome Magazine
  • Jane Fallon is one of those special artists whose music you cannot really categorize. Her songs are simple, poetic and delicate acoustic dittiess that have a unique, subtle charm and delight about them. Each song is beautifully crafted, and often has a slight celtic presence whilst Jane’s voice is lovely and soothing . . . Jane’s voice spreads across the lyrics, which leaves you totally breathless and speechless. Nicky Baldrian, Internet Review MHR Area
  • Her mix of gentle humor, intelligence and deep musicality imbues her songs with an artfulness that is unusual. . . Wildy Haskell, Wildy’s World Blog