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  • Bob Franke at the Me&Thee Feb 3, 2017


    Bob Franke is one of those songwriters who can convey the most heart rendering human emotions in a small quick phrase that rattles around in your head for weeks afterwards. You just can’t shake it. His lyrics deliver deep messages to the hearts and souls of music lovers everywhere. Despite his reputation as such a strong and spiritual songwriter, he charms audiences with his sharp wit and self-deprecating humor.

    To learn more about Bob Franke, check out his website. Here’s a video of one of Bob’s most memorable songs, “Hard Love.”

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  • Aaron Nathans at the Me&Thee Feb 3, 2017


    Aaron Nathans is a songwriter on a mission. He writes and delivers songs with the purpose of telling a story in song and more often than not, those songs leave lasting impressions upon the listener. He tells unique stories with unique perspectives and it makes all the difference. Aaron Nathans and Michael G. Ronstadt recorded a memorable album called Crooked Fiddle and word is out that a brand new CD is forthcoming.

    To learn more about Aaron, visit his website. Here’s a video of Aaron singing “The Strength to Not Fight Back.”

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  • Michael G. Ronstadt at the Me&Thee Feb 3, 2017


    I first discovered Michael G. Ronstadt at a NERFA (North East Regional Folk Alliance) conference several years ago. It seems like he was everywhere — jamming with musicians I knew and didn’t know or playing quietly by himself in a room situated off the lobby of the hotel. The lovely sounds that emanated from his cello were sweet, haunting, and downright gorgeous. Getting to hear him play with Aaron Nathans was a real treat and their CD, Crooked Fiddle, lived in my car player for quite some time.

    Get to know more about Michael and all his many projects on his website. Here’s a preview video of a variety of Michael’s works to give you an idea of what he does with his instrument of choice.

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  • Gretchen Peters at the Me&Thee Dec 9, 2016


    Gretchen Peters’s music is the kind that etches itself into your heart upon first listen. Her songs illustrate deep human emotions; she has an uncanny way to hit right to the core of the matter and leaves the listener spellbound. Gretchen’s no stranger on the country charts and her latest CD Blackbirds debuted at #1 in the UK Official Country Charts and was dubbed “an Americana tour de force” by the Sun. Gretchen Peters is a musical force to be reckoned with and is known as one of the best by her fellow Nashville writers and musicians.

    To learn more about Gretchen and to hear more of her music, check out her website. Here’s a video of “Five Minutes.”

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  • Chuck Cannon at the Me&Thee Nov 18, 2016


    Chuck Cannon may not be a household name to many but he should be. This Nashville-based musician/​storyteller imparts much wisdom into his songs and stories. He gets to the core of the human experience and he succeeds in pulling the listener in a bit closer and hearts become more open and accepting. Now, more than ever, Chuck needs to be heard.

    Check out his website for more information! Here’s a video that is a tiny taste of Chuck’s heartfelt music.

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