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  • Anthony da Costa at the Me&Thee Oct 7, 2016


    Anthony da Costa is an old soul. Only in his mid-twenties and he’s lived a lifetime of music already and his music continues to impress everyone who listens. Anthony writes some extraordinarily insightful songs which touch the heart and soul. He’s a gifted musician who deserves to be a household name.

    Here’s an example of an early Anthony da Costa song — “Ain’t Much of a Soldier” from NERFA 2007. Here’s a more recent video.

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  • The Young Novelists at the Me&Thee Oct 7, 2016


    The Young Novelists consist of husband and wife, Graydon James and Laura Spink. They play off each other on stage and make magical harmonies and music. They received the 2015 New/​Emerging Artist Canadian Folk Music Award. Although they live in Toronto, they frequently tour all across the United States. Listening to The Young Novelists is a revelation; their songs bring you into their world in a warm and welcoming way.

    To learn more about The Young Novelists, visit their website. Here’s a video from their official showcase at NERFA (North East Regional Folk Alliance).

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  • Will Dailey at the Me&Thee Sep 30, 2016


    Will Dailey is one of the most recognizable and beloved musicians in the Boston scene these days. His string of awards at the Boston Music Awards is pretty darn long — very impressive. His songwriting and strong performance skills are what keep people coming back to hear him time and time again. Will has a big heart and is often seen contributing his talents to a variety of great charity events. He touches everyone he meets with his catchy songs and gracious personality.

    Check out his website to hear some of his latest music. Enjoy this video of “Sunken Ship.”

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  • Emily Mure at the Me&Thee Sep 30, 2016


    Emily Mure is a singer-songwriter whose introspective lyrics and melodic compositions are enthralling. Emily has a way of singing from her heart and sending those intimate messages directly to the listener’s heart and soul. Her on stage presence is natural and sincere and welcoming.

    Learn more about Emily by checking out her website. Here’s a video of Emily singing her song “Waiting for Change.”

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  • Sorcha Cribbin-Merrill at the Me&Thee Sep 23, 2016


    Sorcha Cribbin-Merrill is a woman of many genres. Folk. Check. Soul. Check. Blues. Check. Jazz. Check. That’s what makes her music so tantalizing. From track to track on her CDs or from song to song in her live performances, you never know quite what you’ll be hearing. That’s talent.

    Learn more about Sorcha Cribbin-Merrill on her website. Take a look at this Sorcha video.

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