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  • Gretchen Peters at the Me&Thee Dec 9, 2016


    Gretchen Peters’s music is the kind that etches itself into your heart upon first listen. Her songs illustrate deep human emotions; she has an uncanny way to hit right to the core of the matter and leaves the listener spellbound. Gretchen’s no stranger on the country charts and her latest CD Blackbirds debuted at #1 in the UK Official Country Charts and was dubbed “an Americana tour de force” by the Sun. Gretchen Peters is a musical force to be reckoned with and is known as one of the best by her fellow Nashville writers and musicians.

    To learn more about Gretchen and to hear more of her music, check out her website. Here’s a video of “Five Minutes.”

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  • Chuck Cannon at the Me&Thee Nov 18, 2016


    Chuck Cannon may not be a household name to many but he should be. This Nashville-based musician/​storyteller imparts much wisdom into his songs and stories. He gets to the core of the human experience and he succeeds in pulling the listener in a bit closer and hearts become more open and accepting. Now, more than ever, Chuck needs to be heard.

    Check out his website for more information! Here’s a video that is a tiny taste of Chuck’s heartfelt music.

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  • Antje Duvekot at the Me&Thee Nov 18, 2016


    Antje Duvekot is a favorite musician in the greater Boston area. She spread her creative wings here and has made it her home and her fans are eternally grateful. Antje’s first few recording are now collector items and her brilliantly produced later albums are greatly cherished. Whenever Antje appears, her audiences request their favorite songs of which there are many and they have all been looking forward to her latest release which came out in September of this year.

    To learn more about Antje, visit her website. Here’s a video of Antje singing “Half Light” from the new album, Toward the Thunder.

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  • Lucy Wainwright Roche at the Me&Thee Nov 4, 2016


    Lucy Wainwright Roche first came to my attention as one of the Emerging Artists at Falcon Ridge Folk Festival in 2008. The audience voted for her return as the “Most Wanted” the following year. She also won the New Folk award at the famous Kerrville Folk Festival in Texas that year. Since that time, Lucy’s music, songwriting skills and stage presence have made her popular here in the United States and beyond. She has toured with her father, Loudon Wainwright III, her mother, Suzzy Roche, Rufus Wainwright her half-brother, and Martha Wainwright, her half-sister as well as other notable musicians such as Dar Williams. Lucy is known for her honest and humorous banter on stage and leaves her audiences with big, wide grins and hearts full of joy.

    To learn more about Lucy, visit her website. Here’s a lovely video of Lucy taken at Paste Studios.

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  • Matt the Electrician at the Me&Thee Nov 4, 2016


    Sometimes it only takes one song to make one a fan of a musician. For me it was “Osaka in the Rain” by Matt the Electrician. It’s the lyrics, it’s the melody, it’s a certain magical majesty. Once I heard that one song, I sought out more music by Matt the Electrician and discovered that he played with many other musicians from Austin that I respected. He is one of the hardest working musicians in Texas!

    To learn more about Matt the Electrician, check out his website. Here’s a fun video to whet your appetite. And a video of “Osaka in the Rain” so you don’t need to search for it.

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