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  • David Roth at the Me&Thee May 6, 2016


    David Roth says that he’s a lucky man and I’d have to agree. He is touring singer-songwriter who opens his heart on and off stage and brings music fans into community with him and each other. Who wouldn’t want to do that as a career? Peter Yarrow (Peter, Paul and Mary) says this of David Roth: “David has reached our hearts. With voices like his still singing, there’s a certainty that the candle will remain lit, the hope reasserted and the dream still sung. . . .” If your spirit needs a lift, just listen to some David Roth songs and everything will be all right.

    To find out more about David Roth, check out his website. Here’s an inspiring song, “Women Planting Trees.”

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  • The Suitcase Junket at the Me&Thee Apr 29, 2016


    Discovering new music that challenges and excites me is something that keeps my senses alive. Oh hell, yeah, I like to listen to the old stuff as much as the next person but finding musicians who are doing new and interesting forms of music is . . . . well. . . . Just plain nourishment for my soul. The first time that I heard The Suitcase Junket I was taken aback a wee bit because I hadn’t seen anyone quite like him . . . . Then I figured out that that was why I liked him so much. His music and his style make you want to listen. It’s like exploring a new soundscapes full of surprises.

    To learn more about Matt Lorenz aka The Suitcase Junket, check out his website. Here’s a good example of the Suitcase Junket in action!

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  • Wishbone Zoë at the Me&Thee Apr 29, 2016


    Saera K is Wishbone Zoë or is Wishbone Zoë Saera K? You need to experience her in person to find out for sure. Western Massachusetts born and bred, Saera has created an interesting musical and visual world full of highly entertaining and esoteric sounds and images. The unexpected is expected at her shows. Get to know Saera a bit in this interview.

    To learn even more about her, check out her website. Enjoy this unique video for Wishbone Zoë’s song “Senescence.”

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  • Kat Quinn at the Me&Thee Apr 22, 2016


    Kat Quinn is at home on stage. She’s comfortable there and invites her audiences to feel the warmth, passion and humor of her performances. Kat grew up in Marblehead, Massachusetts, attended town schools, and took advantage of the music programs offered there. There’s something to be said for supporting the arts, that’s for sure. Kat began writing and playing her own music while in college and has continued to bring much happiness to those who listen to her songs. She has released several recordings and each one builds upon the last one — showing a broader expanse of Kat’s musical sensibility.

    To learn more about Kat, visit her website. Here’s a video for “Going Home” which perfectly captures Kat’s irresistible style.

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  • Britt Connors at the Me&Thee Apr 15, 2016


    Britt Connors felt it deep down in her soul. She knew she was born to make music and her audiences are glad that she followed her calling. As a certified Pilates instruc­tor, she’s learned how to use her voice effectively, practiced her guitar chops, and written some wonderful songs. Life is good for Britt Connors.

    To learn more about Britt Connors, check out her website. Here’s a video of Britt Connors singing with her band Bourbon Revival.

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