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  • Goodnight Moonshine at the Me&Thee Mar 10, 2017


    Goodnight Moonshine is a very cool pairing of two very talented members of two very popular bands: Molly Venter of Red Molly and Eben Pariser of Roosevelt Dime. Their new self-titled CD is a potpourri of music stylings ranging from country to Americana to a pop/psychedelic mashup that is an instant classic. Well worth the listen. You’ll be hooked.

    To learn more about Goodnight Moonshine, check out their website. Here’s a new video of Goodnight Moonshine’s song “Winston Salem.”

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  • Jakals at the Me&Thee Feb 17, 2017


    Jakals is a dynamic duo comprised of vocalist Katie Solomon and guitarist Jack Lewis. They met during their college years at Wesleyan University and discovered that that they had a certain “something” that translated to a pure sound. Boston area music lovers are thrilled to have Jakals join this vibrant community of songwriters and musicians.

    To learn more about Jakals visit their website. Watch this captivating video of their song “Homesick.”

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  • Lui Collins at the Me&Thee Feb 17, 2017


    Lui Collins is a much beloved New England folk singer, someone who came into the musical scene in the 1970s and made a distinct impression and indelible mark in the hearts and minds of music fans. Listening to Lui is like wrapping yourself up in your most comfortable quilt before a dancing fire — her music is lilting and evocative and most of all, inviting. It’s like being in the room with a good friend who just happens to be musical. Lui’s folk concerts may not be as numerous as they once were but she’s still making a huge impact on the lives of children and parents in New England and beyond. This interview sheds light on her recording career and concert tours, as well as her passion for children’s music and how she’s spread the Lui Collins magic into an amazing music curriculum.

    To learn more about Lui Collins, visit her website. Here’s a video of Lui Collins singing Julie Snow’s “Baptism of Fire.” And here’s a video of Lui’s beautiful rendition of “The Ballad of the White Seal Maid.”

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  • Bill Staines at the Me&Thee Feb 10, 2017


    Bill Staines has been touring the country, singing his songs and telling his stories for about 50 years now. That’s an amazing accomplishment. His songs are sung in churches and cathedrals and around campfires. He captivates the imagination of all those who come to his shows, just like his imagination was snared by songwriters of an earlier generation.

    To learn more about Bill Staines, check out his website. Here’s a video of Bill Staines singing one of his signature songs, “Roseville Fair.”

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  • Quentin Callewaert at the Me&Thee Feb 10, 2017


    There is much good news about the future of acoustic music. Quentin Callewaert is one of the most exquisite guitarists I’ve heard in a long time; his mastery of the instrument is inspired and inspirational. Music lovers young and old alike need to listen to him. If you’ve ever tried to play the guitar yourself, watch and be amazed. If you are currently playing the guitar, watch and learn from him. He’s that good.

    To learn a bit more about Quentin, check out his website. Here is a video of Quentin playing “Little Martha.” Watch this video of him jamming (at age 11) with the great Tommy Emmanuel.

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