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  • Irish Mythen at the Me&Thee May 12, 2017


    Irish Mythen is a force of nature as they say. Her stage show is more powerful than a tsunami or an earth­quake rock­ing the seismo­graph at 10. Her voice. Her wit. Her charm. Her songs. They all deliver. Discover and support her music.

    To learn more about Irish Mythen, visit her website. Here’s a taste of Irish at a huge festival “down under.”

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  • Brooks Williams at the Me&Thee Apr 28, 2017


    Brooks Williams is one of the most consistently good musicians on the planet. If you’ve ever attended one of his shows, you’ll not only enjoy every song but you’ll learn a lot about the history of the blues. Brooks engages the audience with his charming and interesting stories about the blues legends and talks about how much of an influence they had on his guitar playing and his songwriting. Brooks grew up in Georgia but soon became a staple in the greater Boston folk/​blues scene; he’s gone on to tour the world and resides in Cambridge now … the other Cambridge … in England.

    To learn more about Brooks, check out his website. Here’s a taste of Brooks playing his song “Darkness” at Blue Rock Studios in Texas.

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  • Ian Foster at the Me&Thee Apr 28, 2017


    Ian Foster first came to my attention a couple of years ago at NERFA (North East Regional Folk Alliance). The buzz began early during the conference and soon everyone was talking about his great songs! He’s been constantly touring up and down the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic as well as his own native Canada. As you’ll find out below, Ian is not only a superb singer-songwriter but he’s a filmmaker and a producer. A very busy guy.

    To find out more about Ian Foster, visit his website. Here’s a video of “Feels Like It Wants to Rain” from Ian’s new album, Sleeper Years.

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  • Hayley Reardon at the Me&Thee Apr 14, 2017


    Hayley Reardon is already a seasoned pro in the music business; she’s been playing at an astounding number of clubs, coffeehouses and festivals since she was in junior high school. Hayley is now a college sophomore who is studying music at Belmont University in Nashville. This Marblehead, Massachusetts native writes from experience and from a fresh perspective and her maturation as an artist has blossomed exponentially each year. Hayley has proven time and time again that she is wise beyond her years; she wrote a song about bullying when she was a young teen and that song made a profound impact on teenagers all across the country where she would go and speak to school and club organizations about ways to prevent bullying. She’s since moved on to more young adult issues that deal with leaving home and finding community. It’s exciting to watch Hayley grow. Keep an eye on her for sure!

    To learn more about Hayley, visit her website. Here’s a terrific video of Hayley playing.

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  • Martyn Joseph at the Me&Thee Mar 31, 2017


    Martyn Joseph has been called a Welsh natural treasure by Mojo magazine but I’d go one step or many steps further and call him an International treasure. Martyn’s music has touched the hearts and souls of countless people all over the globe and his humanitarian work has helped them in very real concrete ways. Martyn and his team from his “Let Yourself Trust” foundation have contributed their time and energy to global charities and have combated injustice with love and compassion. His live shows are vibrant, emotional and inspirational. The Boston Globe refers to his performances as a “profound experience.” I totally agree.

    To learn more about Martyn Joseph, visit his website. Here’s a video of “I Searched for You.”

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