2 February 2018

$20 / $23 at door
Student Tickets $10

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The Boxcar Lilies

Lisa Bastoni opens


Concert starts at 8:00 pm.

  • The Boxcar Lilies bring energy, improvisation and a charming presence to the stage each night. Anyone with an ear for folk or luscious harmonies will enjoy these women. Cape Cod Times
  • Forty-plus years old isn’t the typical age at which to venture into a career in music, but that didn’t stop the three women who make up this Western Massachusetts group. They play an engaging mix of folky bluegrass and acoustic country with prominent, twining harmonies. The Boston Globe, Highlights from the Green River Festival
  • Each is blessed with a rich and expressive voice. It’s one of the secrets of The Boxcar Lilies’ potent vocal blend. Their music is far too earthy to be described as pretty, call it unabashedly lovely instead. “Folk,” of course, is an elastic term. With The Boxcar Lilies it frequently has a country feel, harkening back to pre-formula days when the narrative still seemed real and the emotions rang true. The Watershed Post (NY)