17 February 2017

Lui Collins

Jakals open

Lui Collins, a true New England treasure, returns to the me&thee stage as part of its Folk Legacy Month. Her renditions of songs like “Baptism of Fire” and “Blessing” are engrained in folk music history. ¶ Jakals, a Boston-based duo with wonderful harmonies, open the show.

Concert starts at 8:00 pm.

Lui Collins

Folk singer/songwriter Lui Collins has been performing, writing and recording for over 40 years, earning international acclaim for her music. Her music ranges from original and traditional folk songs to bossa nova in the original Brazilian Portuguese. She’s made 16 recordings of her own and has sung and played guitar or banjo on others’ projects as well. She’s shared the stage with such folk-world notables as Tom Rush, Bonnie Raitt, Dave Van Ronk, Stan Rogers, John Gorka, and Anais Mitchell, and has recorded with Johnny Cunningham, David Darling, and Rani Arbo, among others.

Lui has been hailed by the Boston Herald as a “folksinger for our times” and by the Boston Globe as “one of New England’s first and brightest stars.” She was voted third most popular performer at the Champlain Valley Festival in 1992, along with Pete Seeger and French Canadian band La Bottine Souriante. Renowned guitarist Dave van Ronk called her “one of the best guitarist-arrangers I have heard in years.” And Canadian folk icon Stan Rogers quipped, “Lui sings my songs better than I do.” Yet another accolade comes from Andrew Calhoun of Watrbug Records who says” Lui Collins sings the way people did a great long time ago, before most of us forgot how to breathe.”

Besides her concerts, Collins is involved in teaching and early elementary music curriculum development. In 2003 she founded “Lui Collins’ Upside-Up Music” for families with young children. Lui has also collaborated on projects with noted fantasy / children’s author, Jane Yolen.

Photo by Lipofsky Photography

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Jack and Katie

Jakals open the show on February 17. They are a Boston-based, indie-folk band fronted by Katie Solomon on vocals and Jack Lewis on guitar. Jack and Katie have been playing together since 2013. They have been developing their sound ever since and have gone on to write their own original songs. They released an album entitled Quiet Pleas under the name Jack and Katie. They’ve been playing shows in the greater Boston area for the past two years and are in the process of recording a new album.

Folk Legacy Month at the me&thee coffeehouse is supported in part by a grant from the Marblehead Cultural Council, a local agency which is supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency.

  • Lui Collins:
  • One of New England’s first and brightest stars Boston Globe
  • One of the best guitarist-arrangers I have heard in years. Dave van Ronk
  • . . . There are relatively few artists who are bringing a traditional sensibility to modern songwriting, and in the process creating new traditional music. Lui Collins is among the barefoot royalty of this group… Music Matters Review
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  • Jakals:
  • In all of my time working with Boston artists, I have never heard an act as refreshingly vulnerable as Jack & Katie. Their music is brutally, searingly honest. It strips away illusion and facade until all you’re left with is the raw poetry of their lyrics and the deep, rhythmic pulse of their accompaniments. Jack & Katie’s music gives audiences the gift of being fully present as they dive headfirst into the challenging emotional landscape that has been gracefully constructed for them. If you’re searching for a meaningful musical experience, look no farther than Jack & Katie.” Hailey Magee, Founder/Artist Manager and Consultant at Talisman Music Group, Founder and Director of Emerging Boston Area Singer-Songwriters (EBASS)
  • I am astonished by the richness of Katie’s vocals — pure and clear with a touch of melancholy that transcends her years; Jack’s accompaniment is a perfect match – sophisticated yet simple – providing the right ambiance for their heartfelt compositions. Bill Manley, Board of Directors, Folk New England & Manager of Marketing and Events, Harvard Square Business Association