3 March 2017

Liz Longley

Brian Dunne opens

Liz Longley, an award-winning Berklee School of Music graduate and current Nashville resident, returns to the me&thee on March 3. Liz’s songs are intimate and reveal as much about her as the songwriter as they do about humankind. The folky pop tunes are memorable and her fan base continues to grow.
¶ Talented Brian Dunne, also a Berklee grad, opens the show.

Concert starts at 8:00 pm.

Liz Longley

American Songwriter says that Longley “combines elements of blues, country, pop, rock, and R&B with the ease and confidence of an artist who has found her voice.” Her songs are about familiar topics — her friends and lovers and her place in the world; she reveals much about herself with great honesty and bravery. Liz says “I’ve found that people respond most to the songs I’ve been most open and honest in. When I write, I want to put my own story in it, and make sure others hear their own in it, too.”

Longley has a new recording, Weightless, which has gotten high praise from a variety of publications including CMT Edge and Huffington Post. Longley cites influences like Sheryl Crow and Alanis Morissette as inspirations for the new sound on this album. She recorded the album in Nashville with Bill Reynolds, the bassist and producer of Band of Horses as well as acclaimed projects from the Avett Brothers, Lissie, and others. Longley has the exceptional capability of giving her audience the words and melodies to share what they feel but struggle to express.

Photo by Ian Grant

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Brian Dunne

Brian Dunne has won the attention and praise of many. With his sharp lyrical prowess and country-influenced vocals, Brian has played in the U.S. folk scene far and wide. He cites influences such as Bob Dylan, The Band, and Bruce Springsteen. Brian resides in Brooklyn, NY when he is not on the road and sharing stages with Liz Longley and Delbert McClinton and other top-notch performers.

  • Longley combines elements of blues, country, pop, rock, folk and even R&B (on the soulful “Never Loved Another”) with the ease and confidence of an artist who has found her voice. American Songwriter
  • A world class singer. . . . One of the best I’ve ever heard! Livingston Taylor
  • Her voice spun sugar over the setting sun. . . . it is so much more than her ethereal voice. . . . Longley’s songs swell with honesty and genuine emotion.
Jen O’Callaghan, New Hampshire Telegraph
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  • Brian Dunne’s schooling is firmly grounded in Hank Williams, Neil Young, and Ryan Adams. And as you would expect from an artist whose sound takes in such references, his debut record Songs from the Hive is a record of folky Americana and heartbreaking country. Songwriting Magazine
  • A pure expressive voice and a fondness for a lonesome steel guitar. CMT Edge