12 May 2017

Irish Mythen

Pesky J Nixon opens

On Friday, May 12 we have the distinct honor to present Irish Mythen for the first time on our stage. Irish is a globetrotting troubadour — an Irish born, contemporary Canadian folk artist who has received accolades across several continetns over the years. ¶ Local favorites Pesky J Nixon open the show.

Concert starts at 8:00 pm.

Irish Mythen

Irish Mythen is an inspiration. She packs a lot of lyrical, musical, and personal power into a relatively small frame. She opens her mouth in song and it’s like you’ve never heard anyone sing before. Her presence and charisma simply command attention, and regardless of where she takes the stage, she delivers a sonic and emotional experience that transcends language and location. It’s an experience that, in recent years, has earned her spots performing alongside Rod Stewart, Gordon Lightfoot and Lucinda Williams and gigs on major festival stages the world over.

Following a pair of earlier EPs, Irish cemented her spot as a performing powerhouse with her first two full-length offerings – 2008’s Sweet Necessity and 2011’s Open Here; however, it’s since moving to Prince Edward Island and releasing her latest collection — a self-titled, statement-making third LP in 2014 — that she’s propelled herself to an impressive new plateau.

Irish draws her inspiration from all over. “It’s the people I’ve met, the colour and shape of the land, the fact that you spend much of this life alone on the road. . .” she shares. “All these things have crept into my songs.” Irish has a signature blend of edgy humor and heartfelt storytelling while her presence and performance magnetically draw eyes and ears towards the small-statured powerhouse on the stage. “I want them to feel like it was not just about the music, but an overall experience,” Irish says.

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Jake and Ethan

Pesky J Nixon (PJN) exude a genuine musical authenticity and mirth on stages up and down the East Coast. Drawing influences from contemporary urban balladeers, rowdy southern bluegrass, and the sardonic yet wry wit of New England’s localized folk scenes, they create an atmosphere both inviting and challenging for audiences. Compelling harmonies and narratives rein in disparate instrumentation including zydeco style accordion, virtuosic mandolin, a variety of tribal percussion, and a myriad of string instrumentation.

With rich harmonies and musical versatility PJN brings a unique brand of infectious energy and stage banter to every stage they grace. At times putting on a show that borders on brotherly bickering, these boys specialize on bringing the audience into their world, songs, and stories.

  • Irish Mythen was at Browne’s and stood up and sang this song [The Auld Triangle]. Bottles of Irish whiskey rattled off the shelves. We all had tears in our eyes we were so moved by her performance. She is an amazing talent and a truly lovely person. Browne’s Irish Marketplace, Kansas City, Missouri
  • I was amazed at your ability to hold such a massive crowed as if it were a tiny one. Dougie MacLean, Artist
  • I had no idea what to expect when this little five foot nothing lady took the stage, all smiles and twinkling eyes and guitar. Then, she opened her mouth and out flew a voice that came straight from the heavens with all the power and glory and the truth of someone destined to be a singer. I’ve been blessed with seeing and hearing a lot of talented musicians in my life, but I have never experienced anyone quite like Irish Mythen. She is a force of nature and a gift from Almighty Herself. Lisa Schwartz, Philadelphia Folk Festival
  • By vote, the three most requested artists to return to Mariposa Folk Festival have been 1) Joni 2) Gordon and 3) Irish Mythen. Amy Mangan, Aristisic Director, Mariposa Folk Festival
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  • Their energy is around 5 on the Richter scale. . . . One thing is for certain. If Pesky J. Nixon is there, we don’t want to miss it. Acoustic Live
  • Pesky J Nixon’s “Red Ducks” is stripped down, nighttime by the festival campfire fun! Great cover versions infused with that PJN sense of joy. Thumbs up! Joltin Joe, Radio Nowhere
  • Always nice to receive new music from an artist that one’s not familiar with, even better when it’s so damn good!! From the first to last track, Pesky J. Nixon’s “Monkey Business & Mislaid Hopes” is a cracker!! Colin Fielding www.innerfm.org.au