10 February 2017

Bill Staines

Quentin Callewaert opens

Folk Legacy Month at the me&thee continues with the appearance of Bill Staines on February 10. Staines has appeared on our stage every year since the coffeehouse began in February 1970. Quentin Callewaert, a most gifted teenaged guitar virtuoso, opens the show.

Concert starts at 8:00 pm.

Bill Staines

For more than forty-five years, Bill Staines has traveled back and forth across North America, singing his songs and delighting audiences at festivals, folksong societies, colleges, concerts, clubs, and coffeehouses. Bill became involved with the Boston-Cambridge folk scene in the early 1960’s and for a time emceed the Sunday Hootenanny at the legendary Club 47 in Cambridge. From the time in 1971 when a reviewer from the Boston Phoenix stated that he was “simply Boston’s best performer” Bill has continually appeared on folk music radio listener polls as one of the top all-time favorite folk artists.

Now, well into his fifth decade as a folk performer, he has gained an international reputation as a gifted songwriter and performer. He performs nearly 200 concerts a year and drives over 65,000 miles annually. Bill has recorded 26 albums, much to the joy of his loyal fans. “Folk music is rich in the human spirit and experience. I’ve always wanted to bring something of value to people through my songs.” With these thoughts, Bill continues to drive the highways and back roads of the country year after year, bringing his music to listeners, young and old.

Bill’s music is a slice of Americana, reflecting with the same ease his feelings about the prairie people of the Midwest or the adventurers of the Yukon, the on-the-road truckers, or the everyday workers that make up this land. Many of Bill’s songs have appeared in grade school music books, church hymnals, and scouting campfire songbooks; he is one of only a few songwriters to have eight songs published in the classic song collection, Rise up Singing. Composer David Amram recently described Bill as “a modern day Stephen Foster . . . his songs will be around 100 years from now.” Over the decades, you have heard Bill singing on Garrison Keillor’s A Prairie Home Companion, HBO’s award winning series Deadwood, and Public Radio’s Mountain Stage.

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Quentin Callewaert

Quentin Callewaert has only been on the music scene for a few years now but he’s making a major buzz as one of the most gifted guitarists around — and he’s still in high school. Quentin plays a combination of classical, traditional, contemporary and popular material as well as his own finely crafted original compositions.

Folk Legacy Month at the me&thee coffeehouse is supported in part by a grant from the Marblehead Cultural Council, a local agency which is supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency.

  • Bill Staines has been my hero since 1977. He carries on where Woody left off — carrying on the tradition of stories and characters you wish you knew. Nanci Griffith
  • Staines is one of the best songwriters in folk music today, penning lyrics that evoke a sense of place and a generous spirit to go along with his pretty melodies. Associated Press
  • Staines is one of the folk music’s best songwriters and entertainers. Milwaukee Journal
  • His gentle lilting voice, spacious melodies and common-chord lyrics give his songs a homespun grace that often belies his mastery of the folk form. He is such a pure pleasure too, people forget to notice how damn good at the job of singer-songwritering he really is. New England Folk Almanac
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  • Quentin Callewaert is a very talented young guitarist with an engaging presence onstage. We have been mentoring him a little bit and our audiences have always received him well. I think they are delighted to see a youngster carrying on the tradition. Pete Kennedy
  • I saw Quentin perform at Gloucester’s Block Party in August and knew, at that very instant, I had to find a way to get him onto The Larcom stage. Quentin is one of the most talented young artists I’ve heard in a very long time. This young man is on his way up! Peter Van Ness, Founder of Gloucester’s Block Party and President of gimmeLIVE