20 May 2017

All You Need Is Love Beatles Show

Special Saturday show starts at 7:30pm

Fans of British Invasion era pop music, young and old alike, will be thrilled that the me&thee coffeehouse is once again hosting its annual “Beatles” concert that will include Fab Four music galore. “All You Need is Love” features a variety of musicians playing their own unique takes on Beatles songs. Part of the proceeds from this concert will go directly to a special fund to send musicians into local schools for workshops and concerts. Note: The show begins at 7:30 p.m.

T Max is the publisher/editor of New England’s longest running music magazine, The Noise. He’s also a performer of the one-man folk-rock opera called Why Do We Go to War? His newest recording is The Portal’s Rhyme: Undoing the Secret of Time. He can often be seen in the audience at the me&thee in his capacity as music reviewer and he’s looking forward to giving back to the community and singing some Beatles songs for us.

T Max and Bird Mancini

The music of Bird Mancini features eclectic and at times a bit psychedelic acoustic rock pop style with lush vocal arrangements, blue-tinged guitar, accordion, harmonica, and a variety of percussion, bells and whistles. Their set of Beatles music will definitely be a highlight of the evening. As AllMusic.com puts it, “Bird Mancini is likely to please a wide array of listeners.” Bird Mancini has been nominated as “Best of State” in the New England Music Awards this year.

Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled Eggs (Mike Birch, Grady Moates, Lin Sprague, Kevin Wall, and Dan Stykulanas) have perfected their well-crafted harmonies and spot-on interpretations of Beatles songs. They have pretty much become the me&thee Beatles show house band. Their enthusiasm and spirit are infectious. This year they plan to play a combination of deep tracks and hit songs from the Beatles catalog as well as a couple of surprise songs.

Eric LeeEric Lee, who hails from western Massachusetts, is returning to this year’s “All You Need is Love” show. He has amazed the audience with his fiddle playing as well as his impeccable interpretations of Beatles tunes. Eric has performed on the me&thee stage as part of The Strangelings and as a solo performer, most recently opening for Jim Trick last fall. He has accompanied iconic artists such as John Gorka, Peter Rowan, Vance Gilbert, Tracy Grammer, Tom Rush and more.

Jeremy Todd A very special guest musician at this year’s concert is seven-year-old Jeremy Todd of Beverly. Jeremy has been attending the “All You Need is Love” shows for many years and grew to love the Beatles. He has since begun studying piano and will be making his me&thee debut. Jeremy’s enthusiasm for this special concert sparked the volunteers to continue presenting the show this year.

Everyone is welcome to come out on Saturday, May 20 to support the me&thee and to send musicians into the local schools for concerts and workhops.